Violent Offender Practitioner Software

About Our Violent Offender Practitioner Software

If you work with violent offenders, you know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to treatment. And you also know that the stakes are high. That’s why we developed our violent offender practitioner software.

This software was designed specifically for practitioners who work with violent offenders. It helps you assess risk, identify treatment needs, and track progress. And it’s flexible enough to be tailored to each client. DeveloApps software is flexible enough to be tailored to each client, making it an ideal solution for practitioners who want to provide the best possible care for their clients.

Do you struggle with:


Worry-Free Compliance

With COPS, everything is stored in the system, reports are created automatically, saving to their file. This makes audits and compliance a breeze


Process Automation & Reporting

COPS offers built-in automation allowing for simple upkeep of paperwork, schedules, client information, and alerts. Also product on-demand reports and forms.


Schedule & Manage Programs

In our software you can easily managed program schedules, documents, track attendance, and create detailed reports.


Managing, Organizing & Tracking Clients

We store everything about your clients in one easy to use and access location. Track progress and generate forms or reports.


Financial Tracking & Reporting

Our software offers automatic program fees, any type of transaction fee. Automatically track payments, create receipts, and setup payment schedules.


Focus on Growth Not Problems

Our clients realize a massive time savings and require less resources for administrative tasks. Allowing owners to focus on growth.


COPS™ (Court Ordered Program Supervisor™) was developed and designed specifically with DUI & DWI classes, domestic violence cases, sex offenders, anger management, career development, behavioral modification , and victim programs in mind, with all the tools you need to help you to streamline your business. COPS™ is easy to use. Unlike most EHR and EMR software programs that are difficult to learn, our violent offender practitioner software is user-friendly and can be learned quickly. DeveloApps keeps your information completely confidential and secure.

COPS™ can be used with a variety of mental health providers, such as DUI & DWI classes, domestic violence cases, sex offenders, anger management, career development, behavioral modification, and practically any other classes and programs that are either court ordered diversion programs, or even for people seeking self-help to improve their lives. So if you’re looking for a flexible, affordable, and easy-to-use solution for your violent offender treatment program. Look no further than violent offender practitioner software from DeveloApps!

Working Process

Our Onboarding Process



First we look into your current program offerings and process. We also look at the way your business operates and your unique requirements.



Developers, Project Managers, and Account Managers all work in unison to delivery a timely and customized product ready to implement.



We now begin identified the correct frameworks and processes that exist that apply to your situation. With this information, we develop a plan.



The product is ready and doesn't need any special software installed. You can begin using and we can address any agreed upon training.

Here is how to get started:



Reach out and make contact with us with your basic information.



We will discuss your needs and if their is a match.



A online demonstration or mock-up will be presented to you.



If everything looks good, we will send you a customized proposal.

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