We Help to Automate and Streamline Your Business Process

In today’s ever evolving mental health and behavioral modification industry, which is often Court ordered as criminal deterrence, it makes sense to use a cloud based , flexible therapy management software that can evolve and change with your industry.

IOur software is specifically designed for the complexities and requirements of businesses offering programs such as:

  • DUI & DWI Court Ordered Programs
  • Sexual Offender and / or Victims Programs
  • PC1000 or Similar Court Ordered Drug Programs
  • Domestic Violence and Anger Management Programs
  • Employment & Education Services
  • Housing & Homeless Services
  • Addiction Treatment Services
  • Veteran Services
  • Polygraphers, Probation Officers, and others.

DeveloApps looked closely at the needs of the mental health and behavioral modification provider industry. We created a highly usable, extremely flexible browser based client management software application that addresses your needs, without the clutter and confusion of features you don’t need or use.

COPS™ (Court Ordered Program Supervisor™) was developed and designed specifically with DUI & DWI classes, domestic violence cases, sex offenders, anger management, career development, behavioral modification , and victim programs in mind, with all the tools you need to help you to streamline your business. COPS™ is easy to use. Unlike most EHR and EMR software programs that are difficult to learn, our therapy management software can be mastered in a matter of minutes. It’s that easy. Also with COPS™, we can create custom integrations with you api accessible applications. With our program management software, you never to need to worry if your client data is safe and secure. DeveloApps keeps your information locked up and protected in our secured data
facility with 2,048-bit encryption.

COPS™ can be used with a variety of mental health providers, such as DUI & DWI classes, domestic violence cases, sex offenders, anger management, career development, behavioral modification, and practically any other classes and programs that are either court ordered diversion programs, or even for people seeking self help to improve their lives. Our therapy management software is not only affordable to use, but is helping the mental health and behavioral modification industry to save time, money and resources while improving productivity.


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Reporting and Compliance Features

Create automated, sustainable, and cost-effective reporting tasks.

  • Compliance Management: Meet industry-mandated deadlines and standards in one platform.
  • Documentation and Forms: Create online forms customized to your specific industry required paperwork. Documents are stored with the system for quick reference at a later date or as demanded by the courts.
  • Data Security Procedures and Processes: Implement security safeguards for employee access to confidential information. With our Title 9 Compliant security and processes in place, you will remain efficient and secure.
  • Data Backup Procedures and Processes: Backup critical data regularly onsite and to the cloud.
  • Disaster Recovery Documentation and Procedures: Create a process for recovering data in the event of a disaster.
  • Generate Court and State reporting forms: At the click of a button, you can have all of your required state and court forms automatically generated based on information you previously entered into your

Financial Tracking

Record your client transactions in one software package.

  • Client invoices: Automatically email billing to your clients each time you create a transaction.
  • Credit/debit card info: Store card information in a secure, encrypted SQL database.
  • Budgeting: Integrate budgeting information from your company spreadsheets, Quicken, Peachtree, and much more.
  • Fees: Input transactions for such items as courses, counseling sessions, drug screens and ignition interlock.
  • Electronic payment / transfer gateways: Allow your customer to pay their invoices via PayPal , Shopify, and Authorize.Net gateways.
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Client Management

Manage your clients from enrollment to completion.

Store information an expandable SQL database: This database can integrate with other databases, saving you hours of data entry.

Manage client progress: Keep track of student attendance, progress, education sessions, etc.

Add notes to each client record: Choose the software, the device, and the methods your users already know.

Customize module fields based on your needs: Store many types of information, such as their Photo ID, court notes, offense information, attorneys, and arrest details.

Attendance and Scheduling capabilities: Allows you to enter schedule and attendance data into the system and forget about it to insure your classes never overflow. The software also has easy sign in/out options, documents formatted for print/email/online of schedules, student information, student roster, and more.

Form and Applications: Instead of making 5000 copies of one document or being limited on updates to existing templates, our software also you to add an infinite number of dynamic documents of any kind so that all of the forms you need are at your fingertips.


Our Pricing Plan

$159.99Per Staff Per Month
  • Powerful Admin Panel
  • Support via E-mail and Phone
  • 3 Custom Dynamic Documents
  • 100 Records Per Staff Combined
$179.99Per Staff Per Month
  • Everything in SILVER
  • 10 Custom Dynamic Documents
  • 200 Records Per Staff Combined
$199.99Per Staff Per Month
  • Everything in GOLD
  • 20 Custom Dynamic Documents
  • 300 Records Per Staff Combined
  • Priority Phone & Email Support
  • Client Self Service Portal
  • 3rd Party Integrations