DeveloApps is a Application Development company located in Orange County, California and a subsidiary of STS Inc. For over a decade, DeveloApps has created web-based software solutions designed to solve business problems and create opportunities for growth. Our developers will work closely with your organization to create an application that will improve efficiency, streamline operations, and reduce errors. Users can access our software anywhere and anytime on the most common web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari), desktop and mobile devices, and on cellular and Wi-Fi connections. DeveloApps can customize application functions based on your unique needs, including form submission, drag and drop features, report generation, payment portals, third party software integrations, and auto alerts.

Unlike standard applications that run locally on a desktop, our browser-based software does not require installation of CDs, software downloads, or upgrades to be run. Your organizational data will be captured, processed, stored, and transmitted on an encrypted SQL database in our secured data center. Additionally, DeveloApps will configure and deploy a backup solution for your data in the event of a disaster. Furthermore, DeveloApps will ensure your software will stay compliant with your industry regulations, such as HIPAA, SOX, PCI, and Title 9 standards.

With our Patent Pending technologies and business process built into the system, DeveloApps software will save your business thousands of dollars and improve efficiency by as much as 9000%.

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